The Best Bali Surf Spots

The 5 Best Surf Spots in Bali

One of the top reasons to visit Bali is for its famed surfing spots. If you've never been to Indonesia, you're probably wondering what the best surf areas in Bali are. There are so many beaches to choose from, and some are better for beginners while others are better for advanced and pro surfers. Whatever the level of your surfing skills, Bali is equipped for you and your board.

Beyond the incredible waves, every Bali beach is awe-inspiring with its natural scenery. So, when exhausted from riding the best surf spots in Bali, you can kick back and enjoy the stunning views. With all that said, this list isn't in any ranking order, it's just a list of surfing awesomeness. Let's get to the 5 best surf spots in Bali.

Balian Beach, a Top Surf Spot

This beach is one of the best surf areas in Bali. The reason is that, due to the mouth of a river nearby, Balian tends to get a wave even when the other surf sites are flat. The left wave is particularly good in Balian. Even though the swell can be quite big at times, you don't need to be an expert to enjoy it.

Balian Beach has an interesting landscape as well. The sand is volcanic, so it's black-gray, which adds to the mystique of this unspoiled location. You will find many wave-riders decorating the horizon with brightly colored boards during the holiday season. That said, Balian is a mellow destination: you will find no hordes of tourist here, but a calm, cozy environment. Balian will remind you of the way Bali used to be: simple, laid-back, and stunningly beautiful. Located in the green Tabanan regency, it's certainly a top place if you're looking for a great time on the tide!

Uluwatu is a Legendary Surf Area

If you're among the more advanced surfers, then look no further than Uluwatu beach. During monsoon seasons the swells can be 15 feet, so this isn't the best place for beginners to learn. Uluwatu is certainly one of the best surf spots in Bali, and some would argue, in the world. If you're looking to ride advanced breaks and challenge yourself, this is the place.

However, if you feel your skills are not advanced enough to ride these waves, don't pass it up. The beach is stunning and is home to the Uluwatu temple. This is one of the most important temples in Bali, and it offers spectacular views of the ocean from a cliff. The temple is home to some cheeky monkeys as well. They do provide some fun and entertainment, but be careful: they love to steal your glasses and hats. If you feel like exploring, you can paddle to the reefs through the Uluwatu cave. Use some caution, though, because the caves themselves have very strong currents.

Medewi. Left- Hand Surf Fun

Medewi is famous for having the longest left-hand wave in Bali. It's also a good place to get away from the crowds. If you're used to right-hand breaks and want to see how long you can ride a left-hand, then absolutely check out this beach. You should be wary of the reefs though, they're notoriously sharp and so booties would be a good idea. The beach is serene and rocky, never packed with people, and full of waves that will challenge any ambidextrous surfer. So, enjoy the left-hand curves and watch out for the rough reef. You'll have a great time!


One of the best surf spots in Bali for competitors, you'll find fast breaks and right-handers that are usually around 5 ft. Considered to be home to some of Bali's best waves, this is definitely a top surf area regardless of your skill level. The beach is about 10 miles long, and it's a beautiful, volcanic black sand. The afternoon sunsets here are the perfect way to end a day of surfing. Check it out soon though, it's becoming the most popular surf spots in Bali!


Looking to further your skills without getting toppled by waves? Balangan is one of the best surf places in Bali for this. It's perfect for intermediate surfers. This beach has some of the whitest sand you'll ever see in Bali. That said, we recommend booties here, due to the coral being quite sharp. No matter your skill level, sharp is sharp. It's also close to the popular Kuta beach, however, it's not as crowded. Whether for surfing or to find some peace or both, it's a must-do.

What are the Best Surf Spots in Bali for You?

It all comes down to your skill level, and what you want out of a surf trip in Bali. If you want a place to practice and advance your surfing abilities, there are beaches for that. If you're more interested in watching some competitions and taking in the stunning scenery, you can choose different beaches. There are also plenty of "Impossible Beaches" in Bali. The best surf spots in Bali are different for every surfer, but these 5 surfing areas are a must visit for sure.

No matter how many beaches you visit or if you hit them all, you'll be awe-struck by Indonesia. You will find all sorts of waves to test every skill you have. So, take your time and see what beaches fit your surfing needs. Each one is unique and great for their own reasons.

Enjoy your stay and surfs up!