Rain in Bali

When is the Rainy Season in Bali and Why it Doesn’t Matter?

A lot of people who plan to visit Indonesia wonder when is the rainy season in Bali. It makes sense to try and plan around a time of year filled with downpours but, you'd be surprised to find that the wet season isn't like that at all. In fact, you may want to consider planning your trip during the rainy season in Bali.

Asking when is the rainy season in Bali already begins to talk you out of even looking into that time of year. Calling it the "wet season" or "rainy season" doesn't help either. To help dispel any hesitations of visiting Indonesia from October to April, which is the rainy season, let's go over 3 big reasons you'd want to plan your trip then.

1) It's the Low Season

One of the best reasons asking when is the rainy season in Bali is irrelevant is because it coincides with the low season. This time of year, has the least amount of tourists and so, you get a lot more space to enjoy the island as well as the local culture. You won't have to crawl through the crowds or compete with other visitors for beach room and to see the temples. It'd be pretty much you, whomever you're traveling with, and the people who live in Bali.

No one goes somewhere to experience the tourists; you go to see new people and new places. Those things are still there even if it's raining and whoever let the rain stop them from living? 

2) Everything is Cheaper

From the villas to the hotels and boats to flights, everything is cheaper during the low season. Not only do you compete with fewer people to see the sights but, you do it for a lot less money. Business slows during the rainy season in Bali and so, you may find a lot of great deals and get far more than you would during the tourist-heavy months.

Remember that when asking when is the rainy season in Bali you're seeing when the cheapest time to go is. Don't let some rainy days deter you from saving a lot of money. Imagine that you get flights to Bali for half the price and then booking a private villa for much cheaper. Plan it during the rainy season and you could have a better vacation for much cheaper than if you went during the popular season. 

Sure, you'll deal with more rain but not everything in Bali is outside and those things will probably be cheaper as well. Even if you're caught in a day or two of rain doesn't mean that a 5-star resort wouldn't have plenty to do tomorrow. Also, that resort will be cheaper as well.

3) The Temperature Hasn't Changed

Just because cold and rainy is where you live doesn't mean it's everywhere. If asking when is the rainy season in Bali so that you can avoid it, remember that you're going to the other side of the planet. Even on the rainy days in Bali, it's still warm and tropical. During the wet season, it can even rain while the sun is shining, and the water will be warm. Rain doesn't always mean dreary and Bali exemplifies that fact.

Sure, you'll have to carry an umbrella around in case the rain comes on a sunny day but, where is that different? Well, a lot of places as when it rains it usually means overcast. Not in Bali though. You can still see the sights at half the price without freezing or being uncomfortable, it's only rain after all.

If you're going to Bali partly for the tropical weather and gorgeous landscape, it's all still there when it rains.

Rain or Shine

Going during the high season means you'll have more sunny days without a downpour but, that means everyone else will be joining you and the prices are higher. Why spend more money on sunshine? It's really all you're getting. You could even plan your Bali vacation during the rainy season but close enough to where the rain tends to subside.

Ultimately though, the weather is unpredictable and only trends during the times of the year. You could pay the average tourist price and still run into tropical storms. You could pay half the price for a Bali trip during the wet season and run into zero rain. Why ask when is the rainy season in Bali? The only thing it might stop you from doing in Bali is surfing and even that isn't always true.

Explore Bali in the rain, on the cheap, and see the same great landscape everyone does.