When is the Rainy Season in Bali and Why it Doesn’t Matter?

Rain in Bali

A lot of people who plan to visit Indonesia wonder when the rainy season is in Bali. It makes sense to try and avoid a time of year filled with downpours, but you’d be surprised to find that the wet season isn’t bad at all. In fact, you may even want to consider planning your […]

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The 5 Best Surf Spots in Bali

The Best Bali Surf Spots

One of the top reasons to visit Bali is for its famed surfing spots. If you’ve never been to Indonesia, you’re probably wondering what the best surf areas in Bali are. There are so many beaches to choose from, and some are better for beginners while others are better for advanced and pro surfers. Whatever […]

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When Is the Best Time to Visit Bali?

wedding ceremony in bali

Planning your vacation but not sure when is the best time to visit Bali? It’s not easy to choose the best time to go somewhere if you’ve never been before. When wondering when is the best time to visit Bali, or what is the best season, you should ask another question, first: what do you […]

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Where to Stay in Bali for your Honeymoon

Honeymoon in Bali

Bali is a great choice to unwind after your wedding and enjoy the first few days of marital bliss. However, deciding where to stay in Bali for a honeymoon destination can be just as difficult as choosing where to say “I do”. There are many villas and hotels, beaches and luxury-filled choices to consider as […]

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What is the Best Time to Travel to Bali?

The Best Time To Visit Bali

The best time to travel to Bali is an important question when planning a well-earned vacation. Depending on your reasons for going, it makes sense to choose the right season.  Are you going to sight-see some popular Bali attractions? Are you planning on spending your days on the beach or partaking in important local festivals? […]

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How to Plan a Destination Wedding in Bali

Wedding in Bali

Lucky you! If you are about to plan a destination wedding in Bali, congratulations. For some, getting married in one’s hometown just doesn’t cut it. When you wish for a place that suits your personality and dreams, Bali can be the ultimate destination wedding.  When you plan a destination wedding in Bali there are some […]

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