Private Villa Bali

Private Villa Bali

The Cove is an internationally-acclaimed private villa in Bali with a private pool and a sizeable private guesthouse. Stunning tropical vistas, fresh ocean air, marvelous design, and a breathtaking landscape; these are just some of the most notable features of the Cove. The Cove truly is the vacation destination of a lifetime if privacy and prime location are important to you. At the Cove, your nearest neighbors will be a nice hike away. It'll be just you, whoever is with you, and nature at the Cove!

I Bet the Cove is Awfully Expensive!?

When you consider the size of the Cove and that it is a private villa in Bali, you might assume that the cost for just one week is astronomical. After all, it would be justified if it was! However, like our previous guests, you'll be pleased to learn that the cost is actually cheap when compared to the same quality villa in other prime locations. Because many foreign currencies, such as the Dollar, the Pound, and the Euro, go further in Indonesia, we're able to offer a prestigious private villa in Bali for only a fraction of what it would cost in other parts of the world.

A Private Beachfront Villa

What could possibly be better than a private villa in Bali? Why; only a private beachfront villa in Bali could better! That's what the Cove is. But how close to the beach is the cove? Let's put it like this; if you were standing in the front yard of the Cove, you could throw a rock, and it would land in the sand on the beach. So close to the ocean you will be, that you will be able to hear the waves crash on the shore from your bedroom.

Does this Private Villa Offer Any Complimentary Services?

You'll be happy to learn that the Cove is a fully-serviced vacation villa in Bali. Our staff is dedicated to providing our guests with the best service in Bali in compliance with the strictest local and international laws, guidelines, and regulations. Whether you need directions, safety and travel instructions, a personal butler for you and your guests, in-house chef-cooked meals, housekeeping, a chauffeur, a masseuse, a beautician, or even a babysitter, the Cove has you covered!

Can I Really Trust Strangers in a Foreign Country?

While it is perfectly natural to have your guards up whenever you're abroad (as you should), we want you to know that all of our staff members are subjected to rigorous criminal and personal background checks at the time of hire. Proudly, we can assure our guests that they are in good hands with all of our staff. At the Cove, we only hire the best of the best. We want you to know that you, your children, your spouse, and your guests are safe as can be with us!

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If you are ready for the vacation of a lifetime in Bali, consider making the most of it at the Cove. For the best private villa in Bali, you'd be hardpressed to find a better location either in terms of price or quality. If you have any questions or special needs, please don't hesitate to ask. You may contact us by phone or by email to address any concerns.

Private Villa Bali