When Is the Best Time to Visit Bali?

coastline view of Bali

Planning your vacation but not sure when is the best time to visit Bali? It's not easy to choose, especially if you have never been before. When wondering when is the best time to visit Bali, a good question to ask is: what do you want to do when you are there?

It's all about your specific trip, your wishes, and your must-do list. What kind of activities do you have in mind? Are you looking to visit Bali for your honeymoon? Maybe a family trip or a gathering of friends? Are you trying to save money? Looking to surf, enjoy the nightlife, or scuba dive? Perhaps it's just a solo trip and you want to soak in the serenity of the beaches and jungles.

Let's break it down this way: When is the best time to visit Bali? It depends on the things you love, and on want to accomplish.

Best Season to Visit Bali on Your Honeymoon

Oh, the beauty and excitement of the honeymoon! It's a chance to explore the world together at the beginning of your marriage. You may not want to run into any rain then, so, May to September will be the best time to visit Bali for a honeymoon. These months coincide with the dry season.

May to September in Bali have lots of sunshine, low humidity, and gentle breezes. The beaches are in their full glory. The only drawback could be that, especially in July and August, a lot more tourists visit the island. If you don't want to compete for space or hear the noise of fellow travelers, a private villa could be just the ticket.

Best Time for Outdoor Adventures

When looking to spend time surfing, diving, and hiking, when is the best to visit Bali? Many vacation areas operate seasonally, but Bali is different because the island is really beautiful year-round. Tropical, warm weather is guaranteed, so outdoor adventures are great at any time.

Let's be more specific. For swimming and tanning, and the quintessential beach day, April to October are best. This is the dry season, with the most sun-filled days.

If you are looking to tour the island and explore, some occasional clouds could help you spend time outside without getting sunburn. You might choose the rainy season, October to April, to have the occasional respite from the sun, and enjoy your visit with fewer tourists around. And what about diving? If you love it, you are in luck because diving is great year-round.

Best Time to Visit Bali to Save

A plane ticket to Indonesia can have a steep price. So, when is the best time to save on a visit to Bali? You'd want to go when most people don't have time to travel extensively. During these times, hotels and villas typically lower their prices because people aren't fighting for a room. The low season in Bali is February to early June, and then September to mid-December.

You're probably wondering what the catch is. In fairness, February to April is the rainy season. After that, you can expect more consistent sunshine.  September is also an ideal month to visit because most tourists will be back in their home countries, and you'll have more space for yourself on the island while it's still mostly sunny.

The rainy season usually begins again in October. But then, there are more discounts and even fewer people visiting. It should be said that as far as the beauty of Bali is concerned, a little rain never hurt the landscape. So, if you are wondering when is the best time to visit Bali, you may want to offset a bit of rain with a lot more privacy, cheaper rooms, and the feeling of having the island to yourself. November? Why not.

Best Time for a Bali Getaway

You can see how the best season in Bali is quite wide. It's no accident that Bali is such a popular tourist destination because every month will have its beauty. Rain or shine, you'll be in your flip-flops and bathing suits. When choosing the best time to visit Bali, think about what is most important to you, and then find your sweet spot. The best time to visit Bali is whenever you want to go. See you there!

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