Steelhead Fishing Clearwater River

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Steelhead Fishing Clearwater River

The Clearwater River Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the American West and North America.  Located in North-Central Idaho, the Clearwater River is home to some of the best steelhead fishing you'll find in the world.  Every year, anglers come from all over the country come to Clearwater River for guided fishing tours, many with the hopes of catching a real-life river monster.

Aside from its natural beauty and grandeur, Clearwater River is known for producing 20+ pound steelhead monsters regularly, with some even topping 30 pounds occasionally.  Indeed, the Clearwater River is home to some of the largest Steelhead fish found in the world. 

Steelhead Mania offers guided steelhead fishing in Clearwater River for all levels of experience and expertise, including children, couples, and senior citizens.  Book your Lewis and Clark Steelhead Trip for your chance to pull in your trophy steelhead this season.

What to Expect from a Guided Fishing Trip

You can expect to get a highly qualified guide when you come to Steelhead Mania.  Our guides are the very best in the business and undergo a rigorous background and character checks before being hired.  We take your safety seriously, and we won't put you in the hands of anyone we wouldn't trust with our loved ones.

All guides are carefully hand-selected, not only because of their personalities but also because of their unique talents.  Our guides know these waters and these fish like the backs of their hands.  They're able to use a wide variety of techniques to catch fish, and they can quickly adjust to any situation the river might throw at them.

  • You will get a friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable guide who knows Clearwater River like the back of his hand
  • We'll handle the fish filleting (during catch and keep season), cleaning, and packaging for you
  • Heated drift boats for all steelhead fishing in Clearwater River
  • We'll supply your rods and jigs from only the best vendors, such as Northwest Jigs
  • Guaranteed 8 hours of fishing for all

Contact Us Today for Guided Steelhead Fishing in Clearwater River

Russ Iott is the owner/operator of Steelhead Mania.  He and his staff have been providing guided steelhead fishing in Clearwater River for more than 30 years.  Russ fully understands that nobody wants to pay for a guided fishing expedition only to catch no fish.  That's precisely what happens to many who fish with our guided fishing competitors. 

At Steelhead Mania, our techniques, experience,  tools, knowledge, adaptability, and understanding of steelhead fishing in Clearwater River is the reason why we catch more steelhead every day.  Russ crushes the national average with a whopping 3.75 steelhead landed daily.  Contact Steelhead Mania today by phone or by email to schedule your guided fishing trip in Clearwater River today.

Note: If you need any special accommodations or requests, please let us know in advance so we can serve you in the best way possible.  We want to make sure you enjoy your steelhead fishing in Clearwater River.

Steelhead Fishing Clearwater River
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