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Sarasota Custom BoatworksTalk to our experts at Yachts Solutions when it comes to Sarasota custom boatworks. We specialize in designing and building high-quality boats regardless of size and individual specifications. Our custom yachts and boats are priced according to your needs and budget. Learn more and get started by visiting our website.

One of the best types of Sarasota custom boatworks that can be done on your boat is Awlgrip painting. It is a great replacement for your original Gelcoat, which only lasts 10 to 15 years before breaking down and losing its finish. You can polish Gelcoat, but it will most likely return to its dull state as it ages. Color change might be another custom painting project that you would want to consider along with Awlgrip painting.
Awlgrip can be used on hullsides, decks, radar domes, aluminum arts, booms and masts, and architectural pieces like railings, gates, and sculptures. Like most paint jobs, proper preparation of the surface that needs to be painted is important. An appropriate primer is applied by the custom boatworks specialist to ensure that Awlgrip adheres well. When primer dries, it is sanded and then washed. Only then can the topcoat of Awlgrip will be sprayed on the boat. A typical Awlgrip paint job on the boat hull may take a week or two, so if you are planning a trip or a special occasion with your boat, it is best to have it repainted in advance.
Through special care, polishing, and maintenance, Awlgrip can last as long as 20 years. Awlgrip painting is one of the Sarasota custom boatworks offered by our skilled and experienced craftsmen here at Yachts Solutions. Contact us for high-quality custom boatworks and repairs. Yachts Solutions is based in Sarasota/Bradenton in Florida. We are a full service marina and boatyard. Since 2003, we have been providing high-quality marine services.
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