How to Plan a Destination Wedding in Bali

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Are you planning a destination wedding in Bali? Congratulations! You have chosen to seal your union in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Bali is the perfect location for a romantic wedding. The beauty of the Indian ocean, the mystique of the jungle, and the magic of its temples make Bali an ever popular destination. Before you settle on a venue and shake hands with your wedding planner, there is one crucial element to consider: the weather.  

Choose the Right Season

The best time to celebrate a wedding in Bali is in the dry season, May to September. During these months, pleasant temperatures, lower humidity, and a gentle breeze will grace you and your guests.

But what if your wedding dates are already locked in, and they fall in the rainy season? Between October and March, some rain might show up on your wedding day. Don't despair: you can still plan a fantastic wedding in Bali. Just make sure you choose a venue that can arrange a perfect ceremony, rain or shine. Either allow for a flexible timetable to circumvent a possible rainstorm, or work with a location and a wedding planner that offer a rain-safe option.

Plan for Privacy when Getting Married in Bali

Swimming at a Private Villa in Bali

For your wedding, you'll want to find the location that most speaks to your heart. Be it on the beach, in a famous hotel, or in a private villa, you will have to consider whether you'll be in a peaceful environment where tourists will not be watching from the sidelines. 

It might be tempting to be close to all the sights, but make sure the venue will be able to shelter you from passers-by during your ceremony and party. 

Enjoy Some Downtime

Weddings are so much more than the moment you say "I do." For a destination wedding in Bali, you and your guests will be on vacation, so take time to enjoy the build-up. Bali is a spectacular backdrop to your meals together, your excursions, and the relaxed days leading up to the big one. 

Your friends and family may wish to explore the beaches, rice fields, temples, and nightlife that Bali has to offer. When you look for a venue, make sure it has easy access to all the fun while maintaining privacy.

Most private villas require a minimum stay of a few days, and that's a good thing. You'll have time to relax and enjoy Bali before and after the big day.

Plan Some Activities

It is very easy to arrange activities and excursions for your friends and family in Bali. Just organize a minibus or a few private cars, and pronto-- your guests will be ready to roll.  A small group may visit a temple or go shopping in the boutique-filled streets of Seminyak and Ubud.  The more adventurous guests can spend time river rafting, driving around with an ATV, or even climbing a volcano.  For nature lovers, a bird-watching tour, a snorkeling day out, or a hike around the rice fields will do the trick. You can easily arrange massages for your guests or spa treatments for the ladies.

Some private villas and small resorts in Bali come with a butler who can be instrumental in helping you keep your guests entertained.

Choose the Right Villa

tables on a beach wedding venue in Bali
Image courtesy of The Wedding Notebook

Not all villas have privacy, unfortunately. There has been a construction boom in recent years, and some Bali villas hardly have any land at all. When you plan your destination wedding, make sure you have room to breathe. Don't rely only on pictures and try to check the villa's surroundings to ensure there is more than just construction around you.

It could be a good idea to write to the villas and resorts you shortlisted and see how the person in charge responds. Are they polite? Helpful? Do they seem knowledgeable? Are they excited at the prospect of having you as a guest? Their responses can help orient you towards the right choice.  

A Great Destination Wedding in Bali

Planning a wedding in Bali can be wonderful. If you pick the right venue, the process is almost stress-free. When you land in Bali and experience the beauty of the island, you'll know you have made the right choice.  Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and may the beauty of Bali surround you! 

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