How to Plan a Destination Wedding in Bali

Wedding in Bali
Getting married in your hometown just doesn't cut it for some, they crave someplace that suits their personality and better showcases the kind of love they have. From the still beauty of a mountain to the lush beaches of Bali, a destination wedding is a calling for some couples. When planning a wedding in Bali there are some things to consider before settling on a plan. It isn't so much the catering and colors as it is choosing a place to have the wedding without going to see how it looks. Beyond the cost of a wedding package and laws that may affect the ceremony (bring your own booze), there are some basic things to consider when planning a destination wedding in Bali.

Plan for Privacy

Swimming at a Private Villa in Bali This is one of the most intimate days of yours and your partner's life, that kind of intimacy is something you probably want to share only with your closest. When planning a wedding in Bali, look for venues that offer the kind of privacy this event calls for. Imagine if you choose a place and then find it surrounded by Bali nightlife, with tourists screaming and shouting all afternoon and evening. Not the best situation when vowing till death do us part or declaring your eternal love for another. When looking online for a venue to begin planning for a wedding in Bali, consider the location and how close it is to where tourists hang out. It might be tempting to be that close to all the sights but think of the big day and the moment when you're officially wed. It may be a vacation for others but this is about your wedding, let's not mingle the two at the same moment.

Plan for Downtime

Weddings are more than just the moment of "I do" and part of the reason you're having a wedding in Bali is due to the beauty of Indonesia. So, do yourselves and your guests a favor, plan for downtime before and after the wedding day. You'll want time to explore the beaches, rice fields, and nightlife as well. Think of your first memory as a wedded couple being to take in the villages of Bali or seeing the pristine beaches. Even before that, the days leading up to the wedding, take time to enjoy the build-up and appreciate that you were able to wed in such an Eden. So, when looking for a beach front villa or venue you want to make sure that it greater Bali is accessible to you while maintaining privacy. That way you can have your intimate wedding in Bali while enjoying the nightlife and tourism at your leisure. Most villa's include minimum stays of a few days and when planning out the time don't just crunch the numbers and rush through the ceremony, plan to explore Bali.

Plan near Attractions

What is the point of traveling to another country if you can't explore it?! It is a bit repetitive, but must be stated again: when planning a wedding in Bali, be sure to choose a place where you can have the privacy needed for such an intimate ceremony but close enough to towns to explore. If you're so cut off from the rest of Bali, then you literally went to another country without seeing it. There are many beautiful beaches in the world, you chose a wedding in Bali to enjoy Bali. Whether that was just for the natural beauty or to experience another culture, neither of these are possible if you're so remote that the only thing you can do is wed and look at the lush surroundings. But, that doesn't too bad either. So, when cruising the internet for villas or venues don't forget to see how close they are to tourists’ spots or the famous nightlife. You can have a honeymoon and wedding in Bali at the same time if the location is right!

Choose the Right Villa

The Cove Villa in BaliImage Country of The Wedding Notebook
Not all villas have privacy or they cater to many tourists at once and besides those points, they may not have any wedding at Bali packages. Wedding destinations, in Bali or not, can get pricey quickly so it's best to see which villas do right by the event. Compare and contrast different packages with locations and accessibility. Does one villa offer a chef or private staff? Do they offer any wedding planning services or someone to officiate the wedding? What is the stay minimum and how many people can the villa accommodate? These are basic questions to ask yourself when planning a wedding in Bali, even the cost of the wedding package. What are you getting for your money? Your wedding is an investment in celebrating the love you and another share, be as sure as you're able to that it's as wise an investment as your choice in a partner.

Choose the Right Season

Wedding dates are important to set up earlier on when planning and if you're doing a wedding in Bali, you should know which seasons are best. You don't want to be on a private beach with a tropical storm tearing through the ceremony. Some places will make their "Wedding at Bali" packages much cheaper in storm seasons, so don't be fooled by a lower cost. The best month to plan a wedding in Bali is during August, the Dry Season. It's less likely to rain but also gets packed quickly. Be sure to plan ahead for the better seasons, the accommodations fill up more quickly and the prices tend to rise. But, if you want it extremely likely that no rain will come to toast your nuptials, best to stick to the Dry Season. A destination wedding in Bali is a wonderful way to unite your closest with a view not found in your everyday life. Planning a wedding in Bali can be an unforgettable experience, on top of one of the most important days in your life, the planning is worth it. These five tips should help narrow the frustration and take some stress off your plate when planning the special day. See you in Bali!  

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