Beachfront Villas In Bali

Beachfront Villas In Bali

Anyone interested in renting low-cost beachfront villas in Bali should know all of their options before choosing a villa. As you search for the ideal vacation location in Bali, we invite you to consider the Cove. Of course we are a little biased, but still, you'd be hardpressed to find a better tourist destination in Indonesia! The Cove is internationally acclaimed and is the premier rental villa in West Bali.

About the Cove

The Cove is a located in beautiful West Bali and is one of the most coveted villas in the world. The Cove is a splendid 1.7-acre estate with a 14-meter swimming pool, a large private guesthouse, five bedrooms facing the ocean, four baths, and plenty of indoor and outdoor living space to accommodate every need for every family member and every event.

The Cove is one of the best beachfront villas in Bali and in the world according to many who have stayed here. This beautiful beachfront villa is modern, clean, and attractive, meeting the highest international standards for cleanliness, tech-friendliness, and the Cove is amenity-rich. The Cove truly is a magnificent private and luxurious beachfront villa in Bali. Feel free to explore the many photos on our website as well as the photos our guests who have previously stayed here have taken.

Features and Amenities

Situated on one of the most pristine beaches in Indonesia, the Cove was designed with our guests in mind. For example; whoever knew that your bed would be the ideal place to watch a breathtaking sunset or sunrise in Bali? Yet, because all five bedrooms have been designed to face the ocean, that's exactly the case! Whether you're by yourself or with your partner, the sunrises and sunsets in West Bali are epic!

If your dear will be staying with you, why not start the day with breakfast in bed made by your own personal chef and delivered by your own personal maid service while you watch the sun rise over the Pacific with the person you love. Start your day with fresh Indonesian coffee and eggs and other fresh-sourced products grown locally in Bali. Our chefs are highly trained and are able to prepare authentic Indonesian meals for our guests who truly want to taste Bali, or they can cook your favorite back-home foods as our chefs also specialize in Western cuisine.

Get More for Less at the Cove

Because the dollar and the Euro go much further in Indonesia than they do back home, you will be very pleased at the cost of living here, and who knows, you might even decide to make Bali your permanent home! If the idea of vacationing at one of the most coveted beachfront villas in Bali isn't appealing enough for you, then the fact that you can visit one of the most gorgeous places on earth on a low budget just might do it. To learn more about the Cove, feel free to start a conversation either online or by phone. We're here to answer your questions and help make your vacation in Bali the best it can possibly be.