Beach Villa Bali

Beach Villa Bali

The Cove is an internationally acclaimed beach villa in Bali and is a top tourist destination around the world. Ideal for individuals, couples, families, and groups looking for a private vacation hideaway, the Cove sits on one of the most pristine beaches in West Bali and is a true tropical oasis.

What's it Like at the Cove Beach Villa?

Bali might not be ideal for everyone as Indonesia is a tropical nation situated on the equator. In short, it gets hot here! Fortunately, the Cove is in a location that gets lots of fresh ocean air throughout the day, so the temperatures usually aren't too bad. If it does get hot for you during the afternoon, just go inside and turn the air on. Each room in the Cove has its own air conditioner. January - March are the cool months in Indonesia, and there are plenty of shade trees for you to rest under if you want to get some fresh air.

Experience Bali the Right Way at the Cove

When you rent our villa on the beach in Bali, you'll get to wake up every day to fresh ocean air, a cooling South Pacific breeze, banana trees, mango trees, coconut trees, papaya trees, and more. You'll fall in love with the freshness of the fruits and vegetables in Bali. While here, you'll be able to taste Indonesia and experience it with all five senses.

As you shop around at local markets, you'll get to taste fresh guyabano (soursop), rambutan, jackfruit, and drink some of the best fresh coffee in the world, all grown right here in Bali, Indonesia.

No Other Beach Villa in Bali Can Match the Cove's Guest Services

While it's it's easy to rave about the countless features of the Cove and the awesome island of Bali, it is really the services that our team provides that will make your stay at the Cove memorable and your experience in Bali magical! For example, as a guest at the Cove beach villa, you will have access to in-home maid service, in-house chef cooking, and yard and lawn care, just to name a few of our courtesy services.

Our team is always there to answer questions, address concerns, solve problems, and help you find your way around the island safely. At the Cove beach villa in Bali, you'll have plenty of space for both you and your guests.

Bali is Clean, Safe, and Fun

Another great aspect of staying at the Cove is that it is a prestigious beach villa in Bali and is one of the safest and least-polluted islands in Indonesia. We say "least-polluted" because other areas of Indonesia are highly polluted. In reality, however, Bali is very clean.

Bali is also home to a thriving community of foreign expats and retirees. You won't have to learn how to speak a new language to come here, although it never hurts to brush up on some basic phrases and questions. Still, most of the people around here speak English well, and everybody who works at the Cove can speak English fluently.

Beach Villa Bali