Attractions In Medellin Colombia

Some Attractions In Medellin Colombia

There are so many attractions in Medellin Colombia that can thrill visitors. Whether you prefer to go sightseeing, you prefer to hike around or even engage in some water activities, you can get all the attractions in Medellin Colombia. Some of the most popular attractions in Medellin Colombia have been outlined right below.


There is nothing as pleasurable as soaring high in the sky while having aerial view of great structures. Imagine having to soar across the city for about 20 to 30 minutes. You might think the price of this service will be so high. On the contrary, several organizations that offer this service offer reasonable charges. Being high on mountain top, the weather in Medellin changes quickly. So, it is better to take the trip in the morning.

Kayaking and rafting

You can also enjoy some water fun either on a raft trip or a kayak trip. They both offer great fun and thrills. For safety reasons, you will be accompanied by guides. This makes it even more interesting as your guide will be explaining certain significant structures and scenes along your trip.

Check the Botanical gardens

These gardens cover about 40 acres of green space. You can find all kinds of plants and orchids there. A lot of locals usually gather at the gardens to enjoy some water activities like rowing and canoeing. There are bike trails where you can ride bikes for several minutes if not hours. An extensive expansion was done on the piece of land in 2005.

The location receives thousands of visitors every August when the annual orchid show at Jardim Botanico coincides with Fiesta de las Flores also known as the Flower Festival.

You can visit Parque Arvi

This center does not receive visitor like other centers because its features have been underreported for years. It harbors some rare plants and flowers. It also houses an insect museum. There is also a lake where visitors can enjoy some water activities. It is surrounded by some ancient roads that you need to see. Colombian history is not complete without Parque Arvi

Pablo Escobar’s House

Do you remember Pablo Escobar? He was known for controlling more than 80 percent of cocaine market in the world. Would you like to know where he lived last before he was caught? In fact, he was caught in that house. You might also want to see his grave. It is all about history.

Visit Plaza Botero

You can visit Plaza Botero to see sculptures, paintings and other forms of arts in their best form. They are the works of the famous sculptor, Fernando Botero Angulo. The place is located in the central part of Medellin. Some of his works really showcase human ingenuity and creativity.

Some of the sculptures look like something conjured into existence by some Arabian Genie. It does not matter whether you are on a budget trip or not since entrance is totally free and you can stay to check out as many artworks as you want. You will also see some great works of some other Latin American artists. The biggest center of attraction in Plaza Botero is the Museo de Antioquia. Make sure you check it out.